The association of Artistes d’Asie à Paris (Asian Artists in Paris) is an association governed by the act of 1 July, 1901, amended by the act of 20 July, 1971, and the decree of 16 August, 1901. It aims to commemorate and promote certain facets of the work of Asian artists living and working in the 20th century in France.

It endeavours to meet all its objectives, including the creation of directories dedicated to artists’ works, scientific research to enrich its catalogues raisonnés and the organisation of cultural events (exhibitions, etc.).

It is chaired by the art expert Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes, who for years has been working to elucidate a whole chapter in the history of modern Asian painting, including the work of painters from Asia who came to France in the early 20th century.

Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes has successfully opened up this period to the French market by presenting paintings at Parisian auctions whose high quality provenance, technical perfection and condition are remarkable. By her use of attentive, tailor-made marketing to accompany them, she has ensured that estimates are widely exceeded and obtained numerous world records and high-level awards recognised in both Europe and China, as well as in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam.

For the purpose of classifying known works by Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu, and Vu Cao Dam, Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes is currently preparing their respective catalogues raisonnés.

She would very much appreciate it if the fortunate owners of works by these artists could kindly contact her by email to notify her of works in their possession. She is also interested in all archive documents and additional information c concerning Asian artists who came to Paris in the 20th century.

Contact the association to report a work which could be included in the catalogue raisonné or provide additional information.

The Association of Asian Artists in Paris is happy to examine your paintings in total discretion and confidentiality, and give you their evaluation.

Just fill out the evaluation form, following these instructions:

– Attach clear photographs.

– Provide 1 full front view (with the frame) and 1 back view and a few details (a close-up of the main section (face for example), a close-up of the signature and any annotations on the front or back).

The following information is required:

– The dimensions (without the frame)

– Indicate any damage or restoration work and the provenance

– Your contact details

You can also send items and photographs by email to

  • By sending you these pictures, and if this work is retained for inclusion in the catalogue raisonné of Vu Cao Dam, Mai Trung Thu or Pho, I hereby authorise AAP to reproduce them in the catalogue raisonné currently under way.
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Catalogues raisonnés are “works that list, describe, date, classify and, if possible, reproduce all the known works of the artists in question. Resulting from exacting research work and classifications, these catalogues are generally the work of specialists, experts and art historians.” François Duret-Robert, Droit du Marché de l’art (Dalloz)